How to push yourself to work/study/take exercise

09/08/2020 posted in  Self-Help

Don't pretend to be working hard. Because the result will not act with you.

1. Have superficial and selfish motivation

In addition to long term goal, personal interest and good habit, superficial and selfish motivation is a better medicine to overcome the laziness and procrastination right now.

Tell yourself:

  • Why do I study popular technologies

    • I can post it to my blog so that I can proudly put my blog in my resume!
  • Why do I study domain knowledge and internal systems

    • Be able to make a design leveraging existing services.
    • Be able to make a OP1 proposal.
  • Why do I code on existing package

    • Learn others's thought or laugh at it.
    • Know more patterns so I can do code review super fast.
  • Why do I work on operational work

    • Let my boss know I take great ownership so that I'm the one he appreciates.

2. Write down what you want to do

There are temptations everywhere on the internet. Delaying gratification is against humanity because every one likes immediate reward.

  • So you want to watch youtube / surf social media?

    • Tell yourself it's useless because you did it everyday but don't you remember what you watched or read yesterday?
    • Found some interesting topic? Store it to your watch-later list.
  • So you want to eat sweet food?

    • Yes, sweet food makes me feel happy. But I will want more soon after I eat it.
    • So let me write it down - Today's reward is XXX!

3. Start immediately! Put random thoughts to todo list.

You know what you want to complete today.

But you may just go to do whatever else and tell yourself you'll do THAT thing later TODAY.

Yes, well begun is half done.
But immediate start is more than half of success.

The early you start,
the early you can have a well-thought-out blueprint,
the early you can have a good estimation of remaining effort.

Let's do this:

  • Write the only thing to your todo list and split it to steps.
  • If you can think of anything of higher priority, question yourself: What is my goal today?. If you still have the goal, write down other things to you todo list. Only do it after you complete your goal of today.
  • Todo list might get expanding. Move old items to a backlog. That means you are controlling your time!